The GPT Store search acts strange to me

The GPT Store search acts strange or I don’t know how to properly use it.

If I type a partial word, sometimes it will find GPTs, sometimes it won’t until you type in a full word.
Some of my GPTs that are not public appear in search results. But not all. How?
When I search for one of my GPTs that IS public, it always shows at top. I assume that is specific to each individual. In other words, I have no way to know where it appears in search results for other users, just that it is always #1 for me.
Should we pack our GPT name and description with lots of relevant keywords to get it to show up more? Use generic GPT names instead of unique ones?

First, you are correct, your GPTs will show first in a search that you run, even non-public GPTs (though these won’t show for others).

Maybe it’s just pulling too many results on the partial word match so they’ve made the choice not to display any results until the lost is further winnowed down?

No. That will likely be a great way to get delisted. OpenAI already dealt with this with the plugins store and plugins named aaaaaardvarkAI just trying to hit the front page of the alphabetical listing.

Just name your GPT appropriately for what it does, don’t worry about SEO.

If it does something unique and novel that people want to do, users will find it. If it does the same thing that 200 other GPTs do, fighting for mindshare is a losing battle.

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I have published 4 GPTs publicly several days ago and no one has used them at all, i doubt anyone even knows they exist. The search function is really bad. It only displays 10-12 results and it often does not display GPTs related to a key word which forces users to know what they want by name to find something. It’s not just that no one can find my GPTs in the GPT Store though, i looked up the exact names of my GPTs using inurl: and they don’t even show up on google. I absolutely have published them publicly without issue. I have gotten no indication that there is some delay before they are viewable. My only thought is that OAI requires that I market my GPTs myself, but I thought that was the point of the GPT Store like how plugins were all findable if you just looked through the pages.

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Feel free to share one or more of your GPTs here (or DM them to me), the actual links and I’ll see if I can locate them in the store.

I have published three and they show up when I search, but the same batch of 9 other GPTs (for a total of 10) always shows up and their usage numbers never change either. The usage numbers are, I suspect, just the number of chats the developer created to test them, and have not increased since being added to the store.

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Thanks for helping out!

  1. ChatGPT - Poetic
  2. ChatGPT - VocabLab
  3. ChatGPT - Mood Mosaic
  4. ChatGPT - MindGym

I can find them myself when I search in the store but I know no one else has found them due to how the store functions and I cannot find them when I search for them on google with inurl:.

The other issue I have with the GPT Store search function is that it does not display descriptions of the GPTs just the name and the creator as if that is enough to glean what the GPT does.

Btw, thank you for your time and help, I really appreciate it.

Didn’t find the second one. Chat isn’t really a differentiator or terribly descriptive for a store of GPTs built in ChatGPT.


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The first one, Poetic, was not found. But likely because it’s a very common title.

I found the other three no problem.

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Found all but the first, which to be fair is named very simply.

Edit: poetic took a bit more work,

I suggest the descriptions be less flowery and artsy and more descriptive of what a user might search for when wanting to do what your GPT does.

I’m no poet so maybe that’s why I have no idea what, exactly this,

I shepherd your poetic journey, honing verses into art.

Means, but if I wanted a GPT to write poetry I wouldn’t be likely to search for any words other than “poetic” in that description.

I get it’s supposed to write good poetry because I’m not completely dense, bit I feel there’s a human-readable description for what it does that would help people find it without spamming a bunch of nonsense SEO terms into the description.

Thanks! The third one I find if I type the whole thing: Chat Adventure.

I really don’t know what else to call it. Don’t you want to have common words so they are more likely to be found? I mean, I originally called it ChatVenture, until I realized nobody would ever type that in.

Similarly, with @joshblong , his GPT names are unique and interesting, but nobody will type them in. And the common name Poetic just returns too many other results.

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Ok so they are findable if exactly searched for, are the findable if a related keyword is used?

I don’t think anyone will really find them unless I promote them then. Which isn’t how the Plugin Store worked which is how I assumed the GPT Store would work.

The chats you are seeing on my GPTs are my own chats with them. So I know no one else has used them unfortunately.

I really thought that having unique and interesting names would be a plus for marketing but I guess I was wrong.

Thank you again.

Ah so I definitely need to change the descriptions then, because Poetic doesn’t write it for you it guides you in writing it yourself using examples and showing you the forms of poetry, but that is a bit long for a description.


Have you tried searching for words that are in your GPT’s description?

EDIT: yeah, that works.

The duplicates for some GPTs are off the rails.

Name, description, starters all the same, just different “developers”.

EDIT: As expected, the custom instructions for the original are easy to grab. And that’s all it is, instructions, no Actions at all.

Yeah I was worried about that and decided to wait until the Sunday before launch to make my GPTs public which seems to have been a mistake.

They would if someone said “hey, this ChatVenture GPT is…” whatever the kids are saying these days.

I am assuming Chat Adventure is a play on the classic text game Adventure?

If so, maybe in the description you put something like,

Following in the footsteps of classic text adventure games like Colossal Cave Adventure and Zork, we present ChatVenture, a modern take on computer role playing games providing endless hours of adventuring and unprecedented immersion fans of interactive fiction and computer RPGs never dared dream about… Until now!


I’m not your marketing director or SEO consultant, but it seems you’re looking to capture the interactive fiction/RPG market. Maybe putting in some stuff that makes it easier to find you while also having a unique name that makes it easy to talk about you would help?

In a discussion about protecting GPTs I shared this,

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I think it’s okay to be a little long.

Think about what your GPT does, and who would want to use it, then write the description directly to them in a way they would understand.

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I’m not even sure what to do with Actions for my own GPTs at the moment. I am not a software engineer; I only have basic programming experience. This is unfortunate as the GPT Store was advertised as a way to build without code and potentially earn from it.

And you can do that, but to do more advanced things you still need to know or learn at least a little code.

As for what you can do with it? The primary thing might be to do your own retrieval of context that would help your GPT help the user.

It’s a non-trivial thing to do, and there are many steps involved to get there, but a motivated person can learn whatever you’d need to know to do it.

Beyond that, there’s the possibility of connecting it to another service via an API, which you wouldn’t really need to know any coding to do.

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