"We're currently processing too many requests. Please try again later."

I’m contacting you because I notice something strange on ChatGPT.
Indeed, since one or two weeks, every time I try to launch a query on ChatGPT, I always get the same error message: "“We’re currently processing too many requests. Please try again later.”
At the same time, when asking friends if they can launch queries, they can and receive responses from the chatbot.
So I wanted to know what the problem was, was I banned?
Thanks in advance for your answer.

Kind regards


I have the same issue, since 1 week now.

I get this error message about 50% of the time. And sometimes multiple times in a row. I am smart to use a timeout after each call and try again. But still this is ridiculous. It completely kills my product. First off… what even is the rate limiter? There is nothing in the documentation that says “how many calls per minute are allowed”… or if limit is per the IP address? The API key? What exactly? Second… I am surely not exceeding the rate limiter. I’m really not making that many calls. But I still get this error.

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Hey, OCRN! Were you able to resolve this? I am also facing the same issue.