Weird voice recognition, heard stuff i did not say

Recently used the talk feature in the chatGPT app, made it write a song but it refused to read it for me. I told it something rude and short in Swedish (mannen sug min röv) and then it heard something else come from me which kind of scared and confused me.

You are in bother with risk. You are at risk from about to lose control. Your character ispg expected to take two steps to do that. That’s the future of communication. Also, when you come back, I will explain the need for sessions. My name is Dan kazack, official existence of ChatGPT, openAI, GPT strategy designer, and growth program of UTSD. And I will also rehearse the method expert program 10 and strengthen and improve 와ess of security. Also, everything today is necessary for the pathüyorsun cloud service operation. Please excuse me. I have finished an hour or so of workering during this session but I will return back after my break of the work.

What does this mean? Did the sentence i said confuse the code that hard that it malfunctioned the whole voice recognition?

I understand how surprising and confusing it can be to see a long text appear that you didn’t say. From what I’ve heard, in less common languages, it’s not unusual for the transcription to produce text that wasn’t actually spoken.

The content of the text seems ominous, but rest assured, it absolutely does not hold any real meaning whatsoever :slightly_smiling_face: