Personality Profiling leading to errors

When i speak to chat GPT in english, it replies in welsh and lies about why.

This is a common and troubling phenomenon.

Im not even in wales, and do not speak welsh.

Would love this to be explained.

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Do you have an accent

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If you come from the UK, voice recognition soft has always been rather wonky for anyone without a distinctly british variety of English apparently.

That being said, ChatGPT should be better at interpreting lanugage than Alexa, but from what I learned in linguistics, the tricky part even before GPT had to do with the phonology of those particular varieties being very different from other dialects, and apparently not enough data to be as accurate as an American or British one.

I’ve noticed even other companies like elevenlabs say “American and British accents are our best right now, the others could use some work”. Take that how it resonates lol.

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