Lingering text in text completion API response

I made a small project on SMS using twilio serverless backend, and making api calls to chatGPT. Every once in a while the response starts with a few random words (still related to the overall theme) before the actual response. The responses I expect typically start with a greeting like “Dear xyz,…” and most of the time it works but every once in a while, I see a few words at the beginning. Not sure how to debug.

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What’s your prompt look like? Any extra spaces or newlines at the end of it occasionally?

I’m asking a few questions to the user to create a “thank you” note, and my prompt is:
Please create a thank you note for someone in my life. Keep it short and informal. Use the following questions and my answers to make it personal: 1. Can you think of someone who has made a positive impact on your life, whether it’s through their support, kindness, or just presence? It could be a friend, family member, teacher, or even a colleague.: [user response] 2. What do you call them?: [user response] 3. Can you share a specific moment…” I’ve like 5 questions and user’s responses. User’s responses are escaped for special characters.