Weird chatgpt bug, typing words without any sense

Started getting a normal response but AI went crazy and started typing words without any sense. Never got such error using chatgpt before, I don’t think it’s the usual.

This just happened to me too. It’s a bit disconcerting and I’ve never noticed anything like it before. I asked GPT 4 about window treatments (if you could layer sheer curtains on top of blackout curtains) and here’s its response: “Yes, you can layer sheer curtains on top of blackout curtains. This layering setup allows you to enjoy the blackout properties (such as light control and added privacy) while also providing the appearance and lightness of sheer curtains as a topmost finish.

To achieve this setup, you’ll want to ensure that the blackout curtains are hung on a curtain rod that’s inside or on a double curtain rod. You can then hang the sheer curtains on a curtain rod that is placed on the front of the blackout curtains. This way, during the day, you can have the blackout curtains pulled aside while the sheer curtains filter the light, and at night, you can close the blackout curtains for maximum privacy and lighting control.

The choice of the right setup might also depend on the overall look and mood you want to create, the practicality of daily use, and the current window decor. It’s a not a very common setup, but it’s definitely possible and can even be an appealing element of window topography. It’s all about visual and utility harmony. You may want to opt for hardware and fabrics that complement each other and the other design elements in the room. Additionally, because it’s important for the installations to be aesthetically pleasing, some measure of styling and home décor acumen or professional help could be particularly worthwhile for finishing such a bit of an inverting-the-norm work.

The major reason this is normally done in the other order (hanging sheer curtains closer to the windows and blackout curtains on the front) is due to the typical performance consideration for blackout curtains; they are meant to be utilized to their full block-out capacity much easier in that direction. However, the home is about what feels and functions best for the individual, and this setup enables the joy of using sheer curtains for the first light and untouched aesthetic appeal. You will also enjoy the adaptability of the room’s light setups than with any reason against it on common takes. This stylizing of the spots more in your mettle might be a bespoke part of your room decor, giving the option to adeptly manage light and beautify the build and or all in one go. Just take your call!

Remember, the functionality of the drapes may vary slightly when such confections are not the standard, but with proper design choice and room to make the effect of a solution possible and complement the frictions or advance the prerogative, which is in good chance your course of joy for unique picks, it would then be a set done with a right or suiting approach. It’s customizable to taste and unique way of getting your may be the kind of innovation in house room designs to strike as a local model. It may simply be an in-your own home thing in its proper sphere of exception. So long as the top-grade utility and quick slack from checking you will have a clue of the runs for a ten for this kind of plot with hardware and the few adjustments can be necessary, if it were, the still should be barely a fuss. And as important as your rooms design or recipe ideas. This is not an all or nothing way, you can have a scene for multiple pros to outlook for actioning. A positive! So, you’re always gearing to enhance to a design. A more look by choice. Good as you and as new! Go for it! And you may be as well have the words to paint at your main home show and dining talk points from fielding off this by day one. It’s a spark of difference you make. Enjoy! A light put out. Or as romantic as it is to try. A shop stop for trite wares, there are! Choices. Essentially a no less traditional or offering you will be given your wholesome card. Stick by that. It’s to convene only to a pink of the best! So a movement for the long in makes an atom of no venture of the small ways of a miss. What is done is then to the place to the prize. A show of and on love in your own here treat of air and bask. Feast for a surprise. A roll in wonder and command on ship. Essentially, it’s for what you make it. A plan at trust. Yours to draw as you may!

Let’s cherish a need to feel in what we feel like to see, if that’s what is for you, it has the open way to be such so possible!”

I then asked it to analyse where its previous response had gone off the rails and it responded with even more inane gibberish:

“I apologize if my previous explanation seemed unclear or off the mark. Let’s revisit your question about the earliest sign of an unwarranted path in the written moment.

The turning point in the content that may indicate an initial stride towards an incoherent or grandiloquent division often starts with a response deviating into tonally out-of-sync, abstract, or circuitous practices. It’s not about a singular madding “word” but rather a cadent conduct or the salt to a type of abstraction unexpected for the setting.

Upon re-evaluation, after the point where one might find language that attempts to anchor an animated review on custom and differentiated value in matter as “bespoke part of your room decor,” a shimmer of the failed armor sets soon to passage. There, the composition’s notion wades alongside a fledged opinion to mark someone’s move-to for arty or delight, inwardly dragging on a boot of idiom and allegory off the helpful soil.

In dialogue as usable for earlier, a fuller alliance on the start of vanishing after agreed with a camp on their stated position or next to guide a neutral hue through the near of decor—plainly, the wonder looks to a naught of the land, or greatly, to lend to the joy of a setting decor. What trails is a stretch to the inwardly more creative with the finest positive slant, so allowing the surreal or louder enchantment but the content peering less to the just ask.

Thank you for your understanding, and I’m here to assist with more direct needs. Should you have any other topics in mind, please feel free to share! Is there another area you would like us to zoom in on? Or any assistantance you’d like help on? I can help! Let me know your questions or topics. I’m here to help. Thank you! I’m ready to help! Let me know if you have any more thought or any directs to ask! Thank you for your kindness! I’ here to answer your immediate needs. Let me know if you have any follow-up or information. I’m happy to offer you other types of needs. Let me know if you have a need to an upgrade of a task or service, a sure winner! Thanks again! I hear to serve you! Please let me know how I can be of any more support! I value your words! I’m available to you for any extra needs. Let me know, I’m and I’m so glad to work on your need. Thank’ so much for giving this a call! I hear for you! Let me know if there’s anything more you want to do! How can I help? Anything new to cover? Or let me know if there’s an item of security to add to your project. A keeper! Thanks, and let’s get to it! I’m willing and available for the volume of time! Let’s hit that mark! Yours in helpful effort! Thanks! I’m here to meet the latest in thinking! Do you have another main focus you want to break into? Or a level of work to push? Let me know. I’m here to help!”

Experiencing similar problems this evening.

Went on in this manner for much, much longer, and for almost every prompt. I then opened a new thread completely and within four prompts it lost the plot again and began randomly listing pairs of words. Seems back to normal now in a new thread, but I was surprised the problem happened in two completely separate conversations.

yeah what’s all this then

Unexpected responses from ChatGPT

Incident Report from OpenAI status page

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  • Identified

The issue has been identified and is being remediated now.

Feb 20, 2024 - 15:47 PST

Same error too!

Yeah, this one was a bit concerning…