Website Form > Processed by GPT > Outputs Word Doc by Email

Hello All,

I’m hoping to quick-and-dirty a project where users visit my website, submit two forms which are interpreted by a custom GPT. The custom GPT outputs two “responses” which are converted to two unique files (Microsoft Word or PDF), all with standard formatting, and those files are emailed to the website visitor.

Any know of some prebuilt resources to accomplish parts or all of this?

And this is just for s&g… I remember reading about a guy (or couple?) who created a series of prompts, and were selling what I remember as “business reports” using a very similar or identical process. They were on track to do $500k for the year and sold the website for a few million. I can’t find the article anywhere, am I imagining this?

For your website to be able to interact with a GPT, you would have to create an Assistant using Assistants api and then interact with the api as GPT builder doesn’t allow you to interact via api

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