Hi T. Im new building GPTs and need help

Hi T. Im new building GPTs and need help
Im trying to integrate my GOTs to my email
My outlook and gmail account to my website
Also to my Etsy store please help ID like to Lear where on my got I have add an API

Hey there and welcome to the community!

Perhaps taking a look at Zapier might be a good place to start instead of building a custom GPT for this?


Hey! Are you trying to drive traffic to your etsy store? If so, you could also instruct the custom GPT you build to open your etsy store (provide the URL when you configure it) , and tell it to share relevant etsy product links within the chat.

I built a book recommendation GPT where if the user is happy with the recommendation, the GPT is instructed to share a link to where the user can buy that book online because I don’t have a site where I sell books myself, but I would direct to to a particular site if I did, or could earn affiliate commission. ChatGPT - Books of Colour