Query about Assistant API & Tools Pricing in-detail

I have create a custom chat Assistance using OpenAI Assistant APIs included all 3 tools function-Calling, Retreival & code-interpretor.

code consists of creation of thread, get thread msgs, adding msg to thread, creating run and checking run APIs frequently.

i want to find

  1. the total tokens
  2. API call count
  3. price per each request
    4…pricing whenever it is using code interpretor ,retreival & function calling

i mean i have gone through the documentation but couldnt able to find the pricing.

since assistant API calling internally these tools for better output. How can i meter these token cost , Total API request count & tool utilisation cost for each input msg. ???

this is my Application UI

I think you can assume the Assistant with GPT 4 will cost you ~$1 a call :smiley:

If you plan to make a lot of calls, it will quickly make sense to build your own assistant functionality (or fork someone else’s and modify) using standard chat completion and locally managed RAG and train of thought.