Want Internet Access with gpt-4 openAI model to collect latest information about any company or anything

I’m currently using the GPT-4 model from OpenAI and the /chat/completion API in NextJS.

However, I’m looking for a way to retrieve the latest information from the internet or Google regarding a specific question or organization. Since OpenAI models are pre-trained, they don’t provide real-time information. I’ve already tried using serpAPI, which is used in langchain, but I haven’t been able to obtain accurate answers like BARD does.

Specifically, I’m interested in obtaining the following basic details: the name of the organization, its founding year, revenue, headquarters, and industry. Additionally, I’d like to retrieve recent news about the company, recent posts by their leaders on LinkedIn, and any relevant technical news.

How can I achieve this using the available tools or APIs?


If you are asking about companies in the U.S.A. I would try

EDGAR—Search and Access

I would suspect that other countries have similiar.


Hey @EricGT
Thank you for you response,
But What if I want latest information for any specific search then ?
you can take example of BARD.

If you want to use OpenAI API then you will have to create your own application.

If you want to use ChatGPT then consider creating a plugin.

If however your question is read as

Bard can give me real time access, can the same be done with ChatGPT (without plugins)?


Yes @EricGT
It is not possible with ChatGPT and not even with gpt-4 model. but according to my current research we will get latest data using langchain agent, which is using serpapi internally and give response. but somehow that was not satisfied response as we want and also as BARD offers.

Do you have any idea about other external API or tool, which we can use to retrieve latest data ?

It appears that there may be a solution to your problem available in the OpenAI cookbook. However, I seem to be missing some crucial information to fully understand your issue. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to provide further assistance on this particular topic. Nevertheless, there may be other individuals who can better grasp your needs and offer the help you require.

It’s all Okay @EricGT
I just want information/data, how BARD(google AI bot) gives us. I’m looking for that kind of result using any API or tool.

You can write a scraper or download one from GitHub

Hey, you can easily achieve that with using search APIs. I highly recommend Tavily API - which is optimized for LLMs

Hi @dev19, I’m a newbie with tech. I would appreciate any feedback or corrections.
I’m curious. Have you achieved what you want with your GPT model? I hope you have, as I want to ask the same.
Do you need to pay OpenAI for all the information you/your GPT scraped from the websites as input tokens when you train your GPT? Or is it free to upload scraped data from the public domain for the purposes of building a GPT model?