API for searching the latest information on the internet

Which API can I use to search for the latest information on the internet? On ChatGPT, I can search using the integrated browser of ChatGPT. Regarding APIs, which API and model can I use? Is it possible to use plugins within an API? Thank you.

I don’t think there’s a ‘latest information on the internet’ API. It’s best if you narrow it down to say, tweets on a topic, or latest posts on a website (reddit, hackernews, forum etc).

Then you could use actions in a custom GPT to fetch data from these sources.

Of course it’s tricky as many of these sources don’t have official APIs or are costly. But there’s ways to make it work by scraping the data, or using a secondary source. For example, you can get Hackernews data here: Hacker News Search powered by Algolia

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No API from OpenAI. I think you can wait for Perplexity APIs.

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With the API you’d need to utilize function calls or tool calls. There are cookbooks and documentation to show how to do that as well as some packages that can help make that easier.

As to the APIs you’re looking to use it’s unclear if you’re looking for a search engine API or something else. Perhaps a good starting point might be Wikipedia’s (API:Main page - MediaWiki). There are other sources of course…

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Have you tried DuckDuckGo api ? It can fetch information from the internet

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I have successfully used the API v1/completions with the gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct model.

The GPT-3.5-turbo-instruct model does not provide accurate responses. I have tested it, and it cannot retrieve the latest data at the current moment.

Use LangChain agents and tools and ReACt prompt.
I used DuckGoSearch to scrap the webpages to give latest info

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Do you have any guidance on using LangChain agents vs using Assistants with function calling?

For example, I want to get “3 recommended links for further reading” based on a provided topic. It seems I could do that with function calling that either calls web search APIs or something similar.