VS-Codex: Codex code completions in VS code

Hello everyone, I have been working on an open source extension for VS Code that leverages the codex models to generate useful code. I’ve seen a couple of projects that do something similar but I think mine has the most features and looks a lot like Github Copilot.

Main features

  • Uses VS code’s inline completions to give it the look and feel of Github Copilot
  • Supports generating multiple completions which you can choose from
  • Multiple stop sequence options (Line, Scope and Unrestricted)
  • Easily switch between davinci and cushman
  • Smart prompt generation to give more context with less tokens (Experimental)

Github project: GitHub - TheFuseGamer/vs-codex: OpenAI Codex in VS Code
Youtube video: VS-Codex extension demo - YouTube

I would love to see your feedback and maybe even contributions.

ps: This is my first vs extension and my first public github repo aimed for the general public so excuse the messy code and commit comments


Can you easily modify model parameters?

At the moment, the parameters are hard coded because in my opinion, the end user might not know what they are doing and it should be up to me to find the optimal parameters for them. But it is totally possible to add the parameters to VS Code config with minimal code changes.

With all due respect, but I don’t think you are right.
I would be excited using this instead of the playground if I can tune the parameters.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be adding the model parameters to the config section of the extension soon. Hopefully later today

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awesome, look forward to testing it. Let me know when you updated it. Cheers!

Awesome job <3
Also we can play with more advanced scripting to make it better.
We can also get it to run on other languages, among other interesting things.
I just feel overhelmed with VS extensions, still learning.

For example:
I was trying to get it to read the Mini-Cheetah controllers available and run on the following simulator listed below. I still dont get good results. The codex can translate the repositories and organize very complex controllers but it cant quite make one yet and put them together in a way that works.
I think it is a matter of how we script it.
If we create an extension where we can modify the scripts and adapt to the usercase plus adjust parameters and have different modes and on top of that figure out something like David did on Raven( https://ravenagi.io/) but for CODEX, I think it will be awesome because the CODEX not only will create the code but it will iterate and check on top of its own code even on a complex environment with multiple files and paths.