Visualization of ChatGPT plugins by category

Thought this might be of some help for the ones out there thinking about creating new plugins, but lacking an overview of what’s out there already… it allows you to see which categories are most crowded with plugins.

Of course there can be very different plugins inside the same category, and the categorisations are not optimal, but it’s just to give you an idea of the space.

Let me know if you find it useful :handshake:


Thank you @itspapilama, very useful for identifying the categories of plugins where development efforts can be prioritized.

I’m contributing my part by sharing with the community this time the categories of plugins most searched for by users.

This is based on search queries made in recent days by users on our OhMyPlug plugin (search, recommendations, and plugin tests).

I’ve used the same categories as you (except for Miscellaneous).

For example, we can see that the Online Shopping & Deals plugins are perhaps overrepresented in ChatGPT store (at least at this stage of plugin distribution).

It seems there is a stronger demand than supply for plugins in the AI Development Tools / Image Generation categories… (e.g., extending ChatGPT with external specialized AI models).

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Hey @PromptBreeders, that’s a pretty neat twist! What plugins are in each category though, is it the same as

Would be cool to put the numbers together so we can clearly see the biggest gaps between “demand and supply” but the categorisations would have to be 1:1 I guess.

In fact, I don’t assign categories to plugins in OhMyPlug.
The category is assigned to each prompt addressed to OhMyPlug (it is deduced by ChatGPT).

For example:

  • Plugins for organizing trip in Korea => Travel and Tourism
  • Best plugin to examine XML sitemap link => Web Development Tools

This is just information, which is not used by OhMyPlug for searches (OhMyPlug analyzes the prompt to suggest plugins).

It can even happen that a plugin is suggested for two different “category” queries. For example, the “Crypto Jobs List” plugin is sometimes in the Job Search category (plugins for job opportunities in cryptocurrency), and sometimes in the Crypto & NFT’s category (Blockchain and cryptocurrency plugins).

I have combined our two datasets to highlight the gaps (differences between percentages, removing “Misc”).
For what it’s worth; sometimes just one really good plugin in a category can satisfy all user needs…