Upgrading Apple Keynote with AI capabilities

Hey everyone,

I’m working on a macOS app that controls other macos apps. Below my first demo at generating a full presentation directly in Keynote using GPT-4-turbo:

Keynote with AI + GPT-4 turbo - Satya Nadella

As a fun comparison over speed, check out the same demo using Groq Mixtral (hint: it’s fast! ):

Keynote with AI + Mixtral - Satya Nadella

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Interesting. I have a few questions for you.

  • Where does it get the images it uses from?
  • Would it work with more slides or fewer slides?
  • Does it have to use GPT-4-Turbo or Mixtral, or would a model like GPT-3.5 work instead? I understand there may be context window issues.
  • Is it going to be an open-sourced application with a BYOK or a privately owned application with a monthly subscription?
  • I noticed that they had the same style of slides for both the GPT-4-Turbo and Mixtral demonstration. Does it have premade formatted slides that it picks from, or does it automatically insert them and just change the text?
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Great questions!

  • Images are retrieved from Google Search API
  • You can specify the number of slides, of course if you ask for a very large batch of slides you could have a context window issue depending of the model
  • It works with GPT-4-turbo, Mixtral and GPT-3.5 at the moment. It will probably work with Claude as well.
  • It will not be open-sourced but you can BYOK. Subscription will be yearly with a perpetual fallback license (à la Jetbrain), meaning you own the app from the first payment.
  • It picks from the layouts available in the theme you selected in Keynote. Here’s another demo: Keynote with AI + Mixtral - Kyoto | Loom. You could customize a Keynote theme and it would work just as good!
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Cool, thanks.

I would strongly advise against this unless there was a Developer option that you could turn on for testing.

Yup agree with this, it’s just for advanced users. The subscription comes with enough “credits” proxying the need for its own keys and gives access to different providers + other APIs like the search tool so it just works out of the box.

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