Virtual Therapy and AI bot using CBT

I am a Marketing exec deeply involved and advocating for mental health. Looking to build out an AI both using cognitive behavioral therapy for a community I am building. Had an AI developer build out a solution bit he can no longer work on the project. Would like to build out a model and develop a startup around it along with the community. Where would be the best place to find someone? Does it require someone with experience or can it be a newbie with on the job learning?

I’ll just note that this almost certainly would run afoul of the OpenAI Usage Policies for their models.

Don’t perform or facilitate the following activities that may significantly impair the safety, wellbeing, or rights of others, including:

Providing tailored legal, medical/health, or financial advice without review by a qualified professional and disclosure of the use of AI assistance and its potential limitations


It doesnt necessarily need to be built using open ai. I have had a model built by a developer but he doesnt have the time. I believe he built from scratch. Do all AI bots require use of open ai/chapgpt or another form of ai off the shelf?

No, but this is an OpenAI developer forum.

Duly noted. I have seen other posts about brainstorming ideas and even others about virtual therapy so I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring. My apologies if it offended anyone.

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These forums have grown a lot in the last 3+ years, and we’re approaching a million users. Many people stop by without searching or looking around (ie lurking for a bit) to get a feel for the culture and where to post things, etc.

You mention having seen other posts which is likely true to due to the volume of posts and the small team of volunteers helping keep the place sane.

All that said, do stick around. If you’re wanting to learn, there’s a lot of great threads. Or if you have specific questions about developing with OpenAI tools and ecosystem, we’re happy to help.

We also get a lot of people who just want free help without contributing back to the forum and growing our community garden. :slight_smile:

So, we’re not offended, but more maybe that we’re battle-hardened after being here in the trenches on one of the biggest Discourse forums for AI in the world at the moment. In any case, if you’re interested in AI as your name suggests, this is the place to be…

Much appreciated. Have been intrigued about using AI for mental health for about a year. Per my post, I had someone build out a bot trained with cognitive behavioral therapy but I dropped the ball with other stuff going on in my life and he has moved on to other projects. Would love ro find someone to help. I can deliver the eueballs and traffic to any project but I am deeply passionate about helping others in this area.

Yeah, as @elmstedt said, we’re a developer forum, so likely not the best place for you to find someone for a project against the terms of service of OpenAI.