VetMD Prototype App

Hey everyone,

We have build a GPT-3 prototype app to help Veterinarians detect conditions in animals.

We are looking for feedback from people with Vet Backgrounds. If this fits you, or you know people of Vet backgrounds that might be interested, feel free to get in touch at: .
We are looking for experts in the field with the potential to join as advisors.



Do you have a website where I can show my vet friends your service? You need a demo or something. No one is going to trust a random email address.

Hey David,

I figured it would be alright, since it’s only a prototype and most of the posts in this category only give a short (sometimes even more cryptic) outline along with an email to engage with.

Rest assured that people getting in touch get an onboarding email.
However, I can understand your concern and might try to throw together a landing page.

And Stay tuned.

Hi @TomF just want to point you towards our Use Case Guidelines as medical diagnosis counts as a high-stakes domain and is therefore subject to more stringent safety requirements. Please review our Going Live process and submit a pre-launch review request before you start serving more than 5 people :slight_smile:

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Hi @rosiecam,
Thanks for the reminder.

To put us all on the same page, I just wanted to state that we went through the OpenAI guidelines and are aware of the 5 users limit. We have only tested the use case internally up to now, and are currently scouting for 4 more domain experts, whom we clearly state the experimental nature of the prototype, and we hope can provide us with quality, diverse feedback to assess whether it’s promising enough to continue on it or not. In case we get a positive feedback and intend to go over the 5 user limit, we will submit the pre-launch request as per the safety requirements.

I also wanted to clarify that our targeted users (veterinarians) are domain experts that use the tool as a “semantic search” across their knowledge domain and are able to discern non-sense from practical knowledge that can lead to the right analysis. Plus, we provide a set of correlated conditions and give no definitive answer.

This was in line with our understanding of the guidelines, however if something has changed or we err on the assessment please let us know.

Thanks @TomF really appreciate how much thought you’re giving to the safety aspects of this. Good luck with the development and I look forward to connecting again when you’re ready so submit a pre-launch review request!

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Thanks for the feedback Rosie. We’ll keep you in the loop!

It has been some time ago but I am a veterinarian interested in how OpenAI would apply.