Versioning suggestions for approval of a plugin

There are several threads about the general topic but discussing a solution seems like a new thread. Assuming my plugin gets listed and I have to make a change, it is perfectly reasonable for OpenAI to require re-review – otherwise I could make it create Spam or violate copyrights or whatever. What is problematic is that it would be delisted while waiting for review. Is it possible to submit a new version without disturbing the existing one by, for example, changing the url to “myplugin-v2.wherever,com”? This seems like a logical solution to the problem and if approved, the listing just swaps the url and I can after a period decommission the old url (presumably a different server/container). @OpenAiSupport FYI (Is there a separate place for enhancement requests?)


I have changed the output of my API and it just took that over without any delay.