Versioning of Document - is it solved?

How do you solve the versioning of the documents that are used either in GPTs or with the assistant API ?

Hi - Could you clarify what you mean by that?

I make a GPT by uploading some documents. e.g. an instruction guide how to fill out some government form
Then there is an update. The form gets some new fields, the instruction guide gets a new section. There is a new revision.
Now I need to update my GPT.
I might have hundred of such things… and need to manage it somehow.

There‘s currently no mechanism to automate these updates if you supply a knowledge base via file upload. You could look into alternatives for connecting your knowledge base to the GPT or Assistant, such as via API and then separately create a mechanism for automated updates to your data, so when you interact with the GPT or Assistant it always draws on the latest data.

Sooner or later we’ll need to think about revision control of all these GPTs

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