Using Spotify API in a GPT

Hi. I don’t know much about coding (and pretty much nothing about APIs), but I want to create a GPT with access to Spotify - but I’m stuck.

I’ve found the OpenAPI at Github and imported it into my GPT.

I got lots of errors and don`t know what to do, see first screenshot:

I hoped this might be because I hadn’t yet filled in the authentication details, but that didn’t help.

Well, I’m not sure I put the authentication in right. I managed to get a Client ID and Secret. But then I didn’t find the requested URLs in Spotify’s API documentation, and I asked ChatGPT (or Bing Chat?) - are they correct?

Is it okay to leave “Scope” empty? And what Token Exchange Method should I choose?

As I can’t upload two screenshots here, I try to add the second one later. Thank you for your help!

It looks like the descriptions of some of those are too long, try trimming them so they are less than 300 characters. Other than that, go through each of the errors and adjust the openapi text as needed, then it should work.

Okay. Can you help with the authentication, too?

Stuck in this part too. Would love to discuss more how to get over it.