GPTs Actions. Oauth with required additional parameters?

Hello, I’m working on an OAuth integration for a custom GPT and encountering a specific issue.

After setting up the standard OAuth schema (client ID, secret, authorization and token URLs, scopes), I realized the service requires additional parameters for the oauth2/authorize endpoint.

Despite inserting these parameters into the authorization URL field, they aren’t included in the URL during the user sign-in process.

Is there a known method to insert these additional parameters effectively?

Additionally, can the GPT itself be instructed to inject these parameters into the authorization URL? I’ve attempted this without success.

Any insights or experiences with similar issues would be greatly appreciated.


You will need to send them as a post for security reasons. Adding an openapi schema will fix that. Ask chatgpt to provide one for your specific api. I’m having problems because I need the client_id passed - which should be allowed, but it apparently isn’t.