Using Private Company Data with OpenAI / ChatGPT


I work for an automotive company that has a proprietary database of car information and data. This includes a variety of different types of information, including technical and specification information (including what options are included on each car), pricing data (both when new, and used car valuations over time), as well as aggregated review information. All of this information has been developed in-house at great cost to our business.

We are interested in creating the ability for users to be able to query this database using a conversational interface. For example, if you had a specific question about a vehicle, our company should have the correct data to be able to answer it.

We thought that perhaps OpenAI and ChatGPT technology might be good solutions to integrate with our database, to help people query our database in a natural way and get back natural responses. The ultimate goal is to create a chat interface within WhatsApp, so that people can message and ask questions, just like it is a friend who knows lots about cars.

However, we are very nervous about giving access to our full proprietary dataset to an external 3rd party.

It would be great to understand if there are any safeguards available to ensure that our actual car information database isn’t uploaded to an OpenAI training database and becomes publically available information. If there are any items you could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for reading this.

The topic of security is problematic, but try looking at AgentSQL and Maybe this will help you.

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OpenAI does not use data from API calls for training. More here


Thanks for responding! How will these bits of tech help with our query specifically (to help me understand)?

OpenAI also implements a Zero Data Retention (ZDR) policy. If you wish to make a request under this policy. with that your data will not be stored, and OpenAI models will not be trained using your data.

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I doubt we will be using the Enterprise version, but looks like if we use the API platform, similar rules apply?

That sounds pretty promising doesn’t it, I assume it’s easy to make that request?

Yes, you just have to fill a form or you can directly reach out to openAI support from helpcenter. Request For ZDR, This will take upto 40 days just an approx estimate, might take more or less.

Click on intercom chatbot and proceed with your request.

Innovatix, do you know where to access that form? I made a request through the sales team about a month ago.

The only option is, You need need to build the private chatGPT application. We were developed to one client with same requirement.

There is opensource model is exist. We took, customized and deployed to client. They uploaded all their documents, trained and gave the access to customers.

Let me know if you need further information.

Your concerns about protecting your proprietary database are valid, and it’s important to ensure that sensitive data remains secure and confidential. OpenAI provides tools and guidelines to help protect your data while still leveraging their technology for conversational interfaces like the one you’re considering.