Using GPT-3 to build an assistant looking like me

Hello everybody, it is very nice to be here, i just arrived and i will read your posts in the following days when i will have sometime. Meanwhile, GPT-3 is something new for me, and i wonder how can i use it to build my own assistant, a kind of chatbot that would talk for me. For instance, how can i have access to the GPT-3 code? And how can i upload it to my own computer so i can do my application? If anyone can help on that i would appreciate. If someone want to help me, work with me and learn with me, i would be more than glad. Thank you very much and Good luck everybody

Sami B.


I believe you can upload the code to your local computer. To run it in instance mode you need supercomputer that eat energy like a small city. I think you wet brains is much cheaper in that sense. you can not upload gpt-3 to you brain. But gpt-3 can in theory use you brain remotely see the book Robert Duncan “Matrix Deciphered” he as i remember worked on a digital twin technology

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Jarvis vibes is what Im getting from your post!

Hi Sami. You can build a virtual assistant and add personal information (similar to that on your cv) in the playground. Use the davinci-instruct-beta to give a clear instuction on what kind of character you want, and put the temperature below 0.7 (unless you want your bot to start inventing things that aren’t true). I’m experimenting with this and the results are promising!


ok guys thanks, i am not sure what are the jokes and the serious parts of your messages but i will check this later. thanks

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Mine is an Iron Man reference, ergo definitely a joke!

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Hi Romolo. I want to create an assistant that learns my personality while talking to him, which already exists, as an example the GPT-3 itself, right. But my question is, how can I make a simple mobile chat app to chat with him. I know I have to bind the app to my API key to actually get the wizard; I’m not a programmer but I think this is not difficult. Do you want to work on a project like this with me?

  1. You need a lot of data about yourself
  2. Fine tune on it

I did that here Fine-tuning OpenAI API (GPT3) on your second brain (Obsidian) - #3 by louis030195 - Share & showcase - Obsidian Forum
On 50K words of mine, writing any thoughts every day. The model kind of talk like me.
Find services that you use that you give lot of data and use it, idk YouTube, Google Search history…


thanks Louis, i will check your link, i would love to ask you more questions later on how to do that or on your code. Thanks. Sami b.

thanks romolo, i would love to have more details, mayeb you can give me some more hints later about your code. thank you.

Wish I could post a GIF so you could see my expression. :upside_down_face: :crazy_face: :astonished:

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Did you or anyone on this thread get a digital twin-esque assistant working already? Would love to see how you did it!

A while ago I read about a guy who’s girlfriend passed away and he used GPT-3 to create a chatbot in her likeness so he could talk to her. He used her text messages and FB posts to train the bot and apparently it worked.

I haven’t tried it yet but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. The only issue is I don’t really post much on social media and when it comes to text messages, my texts are short and straight to the point. But I had an idea of writing some sort of journal aimed at training the bot. The idea was to create a digital twin for a couple of use cases.

One for someone to talk to me after I passed away (inspired by the article), What if it became a normal thing for everyone to have a digital twin not just in a visual form but a digital twin that can talk too?

Also for the metaverse, a digital twin that can go on it’s own and talk to people as if it were you and see what it does. This would be super interesting to see, like if we had a room full of bots talking to each other, each one representing someone.

just some ideas I had in mind.


Wow this is a great article, thanks for sharing. It’s a matter of months/years before the greater public will find its way to these kind of bots. I myself had good experiences with the bots of Nietzsche, Bowie and Baudrillard.