Using fine-tuned model after deprecation of davinci

Hi, I created a fine-tuned model using davinci. Will I be able to continue to use this model going forward, or do I need to fine-tune a new model using davinci-002 once it is released? The documentation is a little overwhelming.

Developers wishing to continue using their fine-tuned models beyond January 4, 2024 will need to fine-tune replacements atop the new base GPT-3 models (ada-002, babbage-002, curie-002, davinci-002). (source)


davinci-002 is available now as a base model, along with babbage-002.

You could use your existing completion models until the end of 2023. Even the endpoint for accessing them will be turned off.


To clarify @novaphil’s comment, we only released a babbage-002 and davinici-002 model, there is no new curie or ada coming.