Using AI to enhance drawing

Hi, I am an industrial design student and as part of my project, I need to make an AI that enhances drawing. It is not expected of me to make something from scratch I can use already existing models. However, I need to add something to it of course. I don’t have sufficient knowledge in programming to get started and I could use any advice. I want to spend time on this but i would go with a simple option as I don’t have time to learn everything. I would be super happy if someone could help

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

I would go back top your tutor and ask how design students with no coding background are expected to modify AI’s to enhance drawings. Ask them what kind of work they require from you.

Hi, thank you for your reply. This is only a part of the project. The project is about helping users express their emotions through art and AI is enchancing the drawing to create a more aesthetic piece. They said that we don’t have to program a whole model but use open codes and just integrate it into the drawing platform, so just changing how the interface would look. But it is still very challenging for me

I am shocked that students with no coding experience are being asked to modify even open code… it sounds like an extremely poor choice of task to set. I wonder if you have perhaps misunderstood the requirement of the work.

It would typically take a few weeks to months for a non coder to become familiar enough to begin to modify even basic open source code to change interface layouts. Do you have the exact text of your lecturers request?

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