Possible to create with AI?

Hey Guys.

I am an entrepreneur from Sweden that are interested in opening a shopify store where i sell customized t-shirts and other clothing items with prints. i want to integrate an Ai generator where the customer can attach their own pictures and make changes with ai or just use the search option to let AI make them a picture for printing, i want this to be automated with gelato ( the tshirt company ) where the t-shirts will be shipped out to the customers.
Is this a request that i for example can ask someone on upwork to make or is it difficult?
I dont have any knowledge what so ever thats why i am asking.
I would also consider placing the orders manually after the customer created the design and added the product to the cart but its not optimally

What you have described is incredibly difficult to implement in full, if you are 100% sure that you want to move forward with this concept you’ll need to hire a full time developer (or a few of them) to implement it, troubleshoot, and maintain the code.

To be honest, this is exactly the type of business venture that GPT-4 is very helpful at advising on. Ask it how to implement this idea and do some more research on what it suggests.