User-Specific Credentials in GPT Actions for APIs

I’m exploring GPT Actions and need some help. Is there a way for each user to use their own credentials for API calls? I’m not sure if it’s possible yet but maybe I am missing something

I was only able to get this working for authentication with username:password.

API keys seem to be fixed on the form entry for the action, which dramatically limits the utility of this for the time being (at least for me!)

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What do you mean “use their own credentials for API calls”?

If you mean:

  1. you built a custom GPT action
  2. your custom GPT action will call endpoints to an external service that you own
  3. and you expect the user of your custom GPT action to also have an account on the external service you own
  4. therefore, you want the user in your custom GPT to read/write data to the external service using their credentials for the external service via API calls to the external service

The answer is yes, this can be done using oAuth.

  1. your external service needs to also provide oAuth as a server
  2. I literally just figured this out using Django
  3. but there are some teething issues with openAI that are not well documented.

If I misunderstood your question, then feel free to ignore me.

If I understood your question perfectly, I just figured out how to do exactly the above and I have consolidated my learnings here in a separate thread in this forum.