Custom GPT per user authentication [custom API programming]


I am coding a custom API, I was wondering how to authenticate users, for now I have only found a way to authenticate my GPT globally if that makes sense. I want the user to automagically create an account on my service and use that to access my backend api so I can rate-limit/charge/etc.

Any input from OpenAI team or anybody in the know?


I do not think that is a desired feature of GPTs when this was done for Plugins it lead to the usual advertising and limited trail annoyance apps. OpenAI have said they intent to reimburse top GPT creators with a revenue share scheme. I doubt there will be support for making a GPTs users life more difficult.

I do not intend to annoy users, but I get charged as well for the api-calls I make… GPT-rev share is never going to be enough to cover the costs for this application.

But thanks for your input now I know to pursue something else. I wanted to create a keyword/serper/content creation tool, but seems like this is not within the scope of a gpt then. Might have to look at something different to create then.

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I think you’re talking about the assistants API, @Foxalabs is talking about GPTs

No I am talking about GPTs, I want to be on the store…

Yeah, if you want to bill your users directly, I’d recommend using the assistant API instead :laughing:

The API works basically the same as the custom GPT’s :heart:

So the API calls you’re being charged for aren’t to OpenAI’s servers? In that case I don’t think there’s any way to do that.

Is PHP with MySql not something that works for you?

Okay thx for your input, but will I be able to host on the store? Like with a warning that says premium app or something?

Nope, they are calls to another premium service.

Not at the moment, but that might be a thing in the future :laughing:

I’m sure there will be a solution to this at some point, but if you really want to be on the store, then rate limits might be the solution or you could require an oauth verification of the user and use the UID or token from this to identify users in future sessions.

(That’s how it used to work with plugins, I think it’s same here)

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Depending on the Revenue share amount, you may not need too! One can hope…

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Ah okay, I tought the oauth was my own oauth. But this can be user specific, might have to dig into this. Any docs available?

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Dude, it’s going to cost me a fuckton, these serp api’s are expensive if you want full functionality.

Thanks mate!
the documentation is still a bit lacking on the GPT’s and only mentions that there’s different authentication schema’s, there’s the old documentation for plugins here, but you may have to get creative :sweat_smile:

OAuth should be a pretty flexible tool.
I saw pluginlab ai video on how to create a magic link auth flow for plugin users. I believe it’s the same for GPTs.
Can’t post a link, so look it up in YT: “How to configure Authentication on ChatGPT Plugin (sign-in, sign-up and event tracking)”