User management is lacking, support isn't helping

User management is lacking. I have several users in the org where I need to switch authentication method, and I am not able to delete their users (they all have our org’s email addresses) and they also can’t do it themselves.

Moreover, why can I not set soft/hard limits per user?
Why can’t I have API key tied to the org instead of the individual user, so I don’t have to change API keys if someone leaves the org?

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Your assessment is correct. OpenAI does not offer these features and, at least at the moment, it is unclear if it is high on their development list.

Currently creating a custom portal to manage daily operations on top of the org management is a thing.

There is this really cool tool that even writes code for you, including entire websites! It’s called ChatGPT. OpenAI should try it one day. Should make it easy to have proper user management.

This would also be quite helpful for ChatGPT Enterprise, that is if we ever get a quote.

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I will refrain myself from replying to this winged proverb.
Let’s just assume they are all-in into AI models.