Useless UI and UX improvements on chatgpt web

Today I started to get these kind of prompt suggestions under the responses:

They really don’t add any value and just distract me from what I’m working on. The only way to disable it is adding a little browser script to set display:none to the container that inserts these suggestions in the page, but it should just be an optional setting in the menu if you ask me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for adding new features and improvements, but they seem to be randomly forced upon users. For example: I quite liked the previous way of deleting chats as well since the confirm button was located right next to the delete button, which made it quick and easy to quickly delete a bunch of chats I didn’t need anymore, but then suddenly they decided to add a modal window for the delete confirmation:

It’s just a small change and I don’t mean to complain about it, but it’s really not an “improvement” of how it worked before that.

I mean, if you want to make an improvement, then here’s a few suggestions from the top of my head:

  • add checkmark selections before the chats and allow users to delete multiple chats simultaneously, for example

  • Make those tiny little scroll bars a bit bigger so they’re a little easier to click or better yet

  • Make the chat window wider than the current 653 pixels, so the code blocks don’t need to be horizontally scrolled in the response in order to see the complete response.

This last suggestion is literally 1 line of CSS that needs to be changed:

.xl:max-w-3xl {
max-width: 48rem;
Just modify max-width: 48rem; to 100% and the chat window looks like this:

instead of the standard:

As you can see the code is actually readable in the 100% width screen, where I need to horizontally scroll in the current version.

ok, end of rant and back to work :grin:

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I am assuming you’ve already addressed most of these concerns with a userscript already?

Maybe you could share the script to the benefit of other users less savvy than yourself?

Yeah… Why is this not a option that I can toggle like the rest of the new features?

I find it very distracting as well… and random… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone suggest this… :thinking:

Working on a little custom css style sheet right now actually. I’ll share here and post a new thread so everyone can use it. Given the dynamic nature of the code, I can’t guarantee these changes will stand the test of time though. The classes are pretty random and if they decide to push an update with other class names, these custom rules will break unfortunately. Gimme 30-60 minutes and I’ll share the results.

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Sounds great!

I had a custom chrome extension I wrote to display the number of tokens in each message asking with a reverse cumulative total to make it ready to see what would will be in context or not.

I’ll try to track down my coffee for that and share it too.

I’ve posted a new topic with the CSS rules and an explanation in the following thread:

Customize it to your liking :wink:

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