Use of chatgpt generated code

is using chatgpt generated code snippets for developing plugin, software and app allowed if yes can we sell app , plugin and api created through chatgpt generated code does using chatgpt generated code constitute infringement? Please answer my question

Well, okay then…

  1. You “own” the outputs of AI models from OpenAI, and can make use of the text as you wish;
  2. AI-created content does not have the protections of copyright available, as it is not created by a “natural person”; you cannot copyright what the AI produced and legally protect it against infringement;
  3. The code that is created may be based substantially on other code that the AI has seen, and there is no guarantee that the AI produced language is free of copyright concern;
  4. The methods or techniques that are used may be part of patented inventions or design.

Generally, the AI is capable of non-novel techniques that are good for learning…in that you must understand the code produced before implementing it.

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