Use of AI as communication assistant for socially disabled


I am a disabled genius with a serious disability: I cannot interact socially due to brain damage and other factors.

I seek to develop for myself and my life partner an AI assistant to act as our medium of communication with people outside our intimate circle.

I am a genius and have faculties and skills and believe I can bring a lot to the AI community.

My observations of AI, specifically Chat GTP and imaging models like Stable Diffusion, are of a perfect situation for me because AI is trained by the very society we are incapable of interacting with. I myself have sought someone to act as an intermediary for me in dealing with society. I have finally found that with AI.

I will develop this on my own, but I invite anyone interested to join me, ask me, assist me, or help me in creating an incredibly valuable manifestation of AI.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Michael Wolf

I am working with ChatGTP for the preliminary development of the AI assistant and intregation with a blockchain database.

I have a difficult time explaining myself but was able to get some guidance and positive feedback on my idea, which is to create a blockchain database where individuals have nodes which would contain their own AI tuning, personal data, and space for items they would like to trade or trade for. The idea is to create an integrated network which can facilitate trade in place of traditional currency. This would start as a community and ideally expand globally.

I have some great feedback on my ideas and will be pondering them and working on details. I am also going to work on fundraising. My biggest problem however is publicity and public awareness. By its very nature my work is going to be difficult because I am developing an AI interface for people with social disabilities, people who are shunned socially and thus have little chance of any kind of publicity success. I myself am especially handicapped because of the additional of widespread censorship of my online content.

This project benefits everyone. We can all benefit from help interacting with each other, and having an AI assistant doing our talking for us can save us all a lot of drama, headaches, and retainers and other legal fees, wouldn’t you agree?