Use Case - Sales trainer using ChatGPT API and Custom Knowledge base

Hello I am very new to using ChatGPT and it is sometimes hard to grasp, what can be done with it. So I would like to know if the following use-case is possible.

Could ChatGPT with its API and usage of a custom knowlege base, be used for a “Sales Trainer”.

Let’s say I would like to have training sessions for my sales employees. These training sessions are Roleplay scenarios, where a manager usually takes the role of a customer and the sales employee tries to sell him one of our product. In a training session the party that plays the “customer” would take notes on what the sales employee says and ask questions back like a customer would do in a pitch. At the end of a training session the manager then usually reviews important points according to the companies guidelines together with the employee.

In this use case ChatGPT would replace the manager and play the role of the “customer”. From the conversation ChatGPT could take note of what the sales employee did well and what he missed according to the company guidelines and summarize them in a feedback to the sales employee.

Is this possible? I have tested some API integration myself and a role play of that sort is possible with ChatGPT by telling it at the beginning. The important part missing would be the inclusion and references to company guidelines.

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