Urgent need help-Table format showing up all wrong in Chat GPT

I need urgent help, somehow my table format output is showing up really weird in Chat GPT, I look up everywhere online there is no mention of this issues elsewhere, I am not getting the normal text table output like everyone else, instead am getting this “code” based output which I DON"T WANT, can someone help please, how do I get a normal table output? I have tried in both Edge and Chrome browsers, same problem

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Have you found a solution yet? I’m dealing with the same. I can’t get the table to show up uncoded now and it’s making me angry.

I’m having the same issue. It’s either showing up in diff, bash, or SQL but not as a plain table.

Start a new conversation. Try to disable DALLE3. I fixed this by starting a new conversation by not enabling DALLE3.

I have the same issue. before the tables were a game changer for work but now they seem to be text code and this is not needed.

any solutions for this at all? I have the same issue and am looking to have the old table format back.

I was feeling very frustrated with same issue for a while, then I tried asking " Can you do it not in a code block?" and it fixed it. Hope this helps.


I’m also trying to figure out why the output format has changed. ChatGPT (3.5) used to provide a great format to paste into any document or spreadsheet. Now it produces the output in the black window with white text as in the picture.
Nothing I have tried works.

I see that you are getting the table in the codebox instead of the regular chat message text block.
Try prompting to use a markdown formatted table instead of a code-box.

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Thank you. Tried it but still did not work. Please see my instructions and the output:

Go back to the first time you requested the table and regenerate the message until you get the output you want. It’s also an option to edit the original request and send it again.

The issue is specific to the conversation. You can also try to copy& paste everything into a new conversation and request the table again.

This is not a bug, just an example how stubborn these models can be when they are allowed to wander off on the wrong track.


Thank you for your reply. This started for me last week in the middle of a chat. The model switched the format after it had generated several tables in my intended format. And I can’t figure out how to go back.

So you are saying this happens across several chats, in the sense of completely different conversations and not just inside the same conversation?

Yes. I tried multiple chats - new and previous and the same thing is happening.

I was able to somewhat replicate that behavior getting several tables in a code box. In the linked chat you can see how I solved the issue.


Note: is still the same solution as suggested before but with different phrasing and it’s the same solution that has been suggested by @beccasteynberg above. I suggest you play around with this approach a bit more.


YES! That is the prompt I needed.

I simply copied your prompt (Provide the same table but not in a code box.) and it solved my output problem! And now I know the black window is called a code box!

It worked!
Thank you so much.

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I have the same issue all chats were outputting a code format table and not standard tabular format. I tried logging in/out and on another browser. Finally adding in the following prompt - I need it in tabular format, no coding at all, no mark down just no other format


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slightly different:

I need it in tabular format, no codeblock, no markdown just no other format

The format given is provided in ASCII characters over the plain text or simplified version. It retains the same information as the structured table but is presented in a more straightforward, easy-to-read format. However, it doesn’t have the same level of visual separation between columns and rows. Try to change it into simple text or laymen’s term in the chat box.