Urgent Assistance Needed: Issues with Apple Hidden Email on OpenAI Account

Hello, I’ve encountered a problem. My Open AI account was registered using my Apple account. However, when logging into Open AI, it triggers the use of Apple’s hidden email feature. The issue I’m currently facing is that I’m unable to receive any information on my Apple hidden email account. I’d like to change the email associated with my Open AI account. Could you advise me on how to proceed?

You cannot change the email address associated with your account.

Is there another way? I have seen some tutorials suggesting to change the email address during the recharge process. I can also log in with my regular Apple account. However, the associated Apple account uses a hidden email address, which doesn’t receive any information.

your hidden email goes to your email associated with your Apple ID
if not, try your @icloud.com email. if not, @me.com.

all of this is found in your settings on your phone- including the ability to delete and create a new hidden email…over n out! you should contact apple support if this isn’t enough…


Agree with @captain_kirk

I think apple provides a way to check email aliases.

You should check your inbox. If you run into difficulty, apple support should be able to help


I previously utilized the Hide My Email feature by Apple and set it as the login email for my OpenAI account. However, I recently decided to delete this hidden email, expecting my OpenAI account’s login email to automatically revert to my original Apple email. Yet, the login email displayed on my OpenAI account is still the one I deleted. Importantly, I have permanently deleted this hidden email, and even Apple has confirmed that it is impossible to recover a deleted hidden email. Currently, I am at a loss for how to resolve this issue, despite having attempted to contact Apple support, but to no avail.