Upgraded to ChatGPT Plus but still using version 3.5

Has any experienced this problem? I asked ChatGPT which version it’s using and the response was: “I am ChatGPT, based on the GPT-3.5 architecture.”. But I am a Plus member.

Also, trying to use the API and I don’t have gpt-4. I confirmed using /v1/models of the API.


GPT is not reliable at responding accurately about what model it is using. It isn’t trained on itself. Trust the UI model selector.
ChatGPT 2023-07-26 13-18-17

ChatGPT and API are completely separate products. Paying for ChatGPT Plus won’t get you API access or GPT-4 access. You’ll need to signup for API and enter your billing info at platform.openai.com to use the API, then wait for GPT-4 access (rolling out to all developers at end of month).

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