It says Model: ChatGPT-4 at the top of the page, but when I ask it it says "I am GPT 3" !?

I just bought Plus+ $20 because I wanted to try GPT4.
It says this at the top of my chat page that its GPT4 model…but when I ask it its says its v3.
Is this a bug switching it back to v3, or is there something else subtle going on?

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Well, i had the same and i cancelled my sub… No words from support, so until i be able to access gpt4 - i will stick to free version.

And yet, if I open a new chat and ask it again, I get a different response:

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Wow, i will try one more time then. If this is true - there is a time to restore sub

I wonder if it starts off as GPT4 then devolves into GPT3 after while. Might be worth asking it at the start of a session, then further down the line.

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No luck, mine version responds that it is based on gpt 3 despite gpt4 is selected in model selection.

How were you able to raise a support ticket with their support?
All I get is a a chatbot that leads nowhere, or just a list of suggested articles.

Possibly because the training date cutoff? At that time, gpt only knew of 3 (2020). This would make sense, since getting it’s current model would be like getting access to some internal states, which could lead to some prompt injections.

I left a message at, but i don’t know if it helped - i got no response from them. My model is gpt4 now, however.

I emailed that same address a few days ago, with no response yet.
What prompt do you use to confirm for certain that you’re using v.4 ?