Upgrade Limits On Messages

I upgraded today to the ChatGPT 4 upgrade. The upgrade info said you get everything in the free version but extras. The free version has unlimited messaging. But now that I am upgraded I see that ChatGPT 4 is limited to 40 messages every 3 hours. What is going on? I thought it was unlimited?

The GPT-4 model is what has usage limitations. You can still select “free version” aka GPT-3.5. There are also other features that together have high computational impact, where using similar on API could cost you the monthly subscription per day. GPT-4 rates have varied from 25 at introduction up to 50 during that three hour period.

You just have to wait for question #1 to expire from the three hour window before you can ask question #41.

OpenAI kind of created their own DOS attack with GPTs that can make multiple calls per question. Thus, “waitlist” has been in effect for a month due to limited capacity.

It was likely strategic that the notice about what you get for rate limit was removed in all pages throughout the path to sign-up.

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