Update to plugin monetization policy?

Hey i’ve been working on a monetization strategy the last few days since API calls are starting to add up, but I just realized that the monetization section on the plugin docs was updated to say we cannot charge people for use.

Does anyone have context on the change?

Assuming the change either means we’ll A) Never be able to charge, or B) OpenAI is set on a native solution/payment gateway.

More or less looking for direction on whether I should wait it out or build some sort of value add app building off the hype to cover costs.


I am planing to let employer pay to put job ads in my jobsearch plugin. You can search for jobs there and click a link to get to the detailed job description on my own webserver. I can do whatever I want there.

Same goes for any kind of products. I guess you could build a shop e.g. a cooking plugin and you tell the plugin to order all ingredients for the meal.
Or a “do it yourself” plugin and put all materials in the cart (as if it was a todo list).
And for checkout you send the user to your own website.

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I can’t give you an official answer, but I would assume you can’t charge for plugins at this time because they’re still in beta. That’s probably going to change once they’re out of beta.

We realized that that policy needed to be revised since we didn’t want to allow paywalled plugins, this might change in the future but nothing short term.


okay that makes sense. I appreciate the quick reply!

Hi @logankilpatrick Zapier and Instacart are monetizing their plugin but the plugin is free to use. I assume that it okay to monetize plugins so long that you offer the core functionality free and there is no payment required to derive value?

More precisely, could you confirm which of the following scenarios are allowed:

  1. A SaaS company offers access to their service, the customer consumes API credits or usage credits. (Like Zapier)
  2. An e-commerce company offers access to their hotel selection, or product selection. (Like Kayak)

Your guidance is appreciated.