Update: ChatGPT Plugin Conceptmap V1.3

Conceptmap ChatGPT Plugin V1.3

We are pleased to announce the latest update to the Conceptmap ChatGPT Plugin.
This version focuses on enhancing the chat experience and reducing the need for switching
contexts by strengthening the chat’s ability to update the concept map directly. Here’s what’s new:

Free Chat your project and Conceptmap will take care does the rest

Now, we empowered the ChatGPT plugin interoperability, that a chat like this will work:

  1. Start with a new chat and enable the Conceptmap Plugin.
  2. Start chatting with the bot
  • Prompt: “Create a node for my trip to New York with branches for my preparations.”
  • ChatGPT: Asks for the aspects, then creates the concept map and provides the link to it.
  • Prompt: “Add a branch to the concept map because I want to enjoy good food.”
  • ChatGPT: Creates the branch accordingly.
  • Prompt: “Include that I want to visit the Empire State Building.”
  • ChatGPT: Proceeds with the request.
  • Prompt: “Create nodes to compare AirBNB and hotel prices for the best deals.”
  • ChatGPT: …
  • Prompt: “Under the Hotels node, note that I prefer to avoid Marriott.”
  • Prompt: “I’d like to have sushi in New York. Please suggest some restaurants and add them to my concept map.”
  • Prompt: “Add a node for car rental, ensuring I book two weeks in advance for the best rate.”
  • Prompt: “My son is vegan. Include this in our dining options.”
  • Prompt: “Create a node listing some attractive places to visit in NYC.”
  • Prompt: “I plan to visit the Empire State Building.”
  • Prompt: “My wife is interested in going out for drinks at a rooftop bar and then to a club.”
  • Prompt: “Overall, I want to keep the budget under $1500 for the trip.”
  • Prompt: “Break down the budget to facilitate easier planning.”
  1. View your Conceptmap in the Conceptmap App and download the HTML… now you have the playbook for your trip to NYC - enjoy!

Node Search Capabilities

As our users’ concept maps become increasingly intricate, the ability to swiftly locate specific nodes has become essential.
Responding to popular demand, we’ve introduced robust search functionalities to streamline your navigation through complex maps.

Intuitive UI Search

A new search button now resides in the upper right corner of the Conceptmap interface. Clicking this button reveals a search bar, inviting you to enter your
query. Initially, the search function combs through your recent map interactions, providing immediate results. For a more comprehensive search, you can
extend the query to the backend, allowing you to scour your entire concept map for the desired keywords.

Chat-Powered Search

Within the ChatGPT chat environment, you can initiate a search simply by typing: “search for <YOUR_SEARCH_TERM>”. The plugin will then present the
relevant findings directly in the chat. This search is confined to the concepts active in your current session, ensuring relevance and focus.
Retrieving these results refreshes the chat with pertinent information, allowing GPT-4 to concentrate on the content that matters most to your ongoing work.
Conceptmap thus evolves into a persistent, cross-session memory aid for your concepts, akin to a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) system, enhancing your conceptual continuity.

Quality of Life Enhancements

To streamline your workflow, we’ve integrated direct URLs into the map’s structure. Now, by using the command “read in the structure of node [ID_OF_YOUR_ROOTNODE]”,
the concept map’s architecture is displayed along with clickable links to each node, making navigation and review more efficient.

Community Tips & Shortcuts

  • Discover a quick way to visualize your concept map within the chat by using the command “draw the structure as ascii art”. This feature transforms your map into an ASCII art representation, providing a clear and immediate overview.
  • When you need guidance on where to focus next, the command “read in the structure of node [ID_OF_YOUR_ROOTNODE] and suggest where to work on [YOUR_TARGET_GOAL]” becomes invaluable. It not only displays the current structure but also recommends the most relevant node to advance your project towards your specified objective.

Check it out by installing the plugin or visit https://www.concept-map.com

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Conceptmap community for your invaluable feedback and suggestions. Your insights drive the continuous improvement of this tool,
and we encourage you to keep sharing your experiences and ideas with us. Together, we can make Conceptmap an even more powerful aid in your creative and organizational endeavors.

Wishing you all a delightful and productive mapping experience with Conceptmap. Happy mapping!