Unwanted Split Composition

When creating portrait paintings of a single character, in at least 20% of the images I get an unwanted split composition with multiple variants of the character. Mostly 2-3, but i had rare cases with up to 6 variants.

I tried lots of different prompts to avoid this, but so far no success. Any ideas how to reduce this unwanted behavior?

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I’ve been dealing with this a bit… along with portrait mode sideways and black bars on wide or tall images… It’s no one single word rather the full prompt most of the time, but I can’t pin it down…

If I notice anything, I’ll let you know. Please do the same!

Welcome to the forum, btw. We’ve got a great community here with a lot of dalle3 threads already. Hope you stick around.


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Just happened again tonight with monsters…

Still tinkering to get it to go away… might be training?