Unused Developer API Free Credit Should Not Expire. How to Renew?

Please extend my API credit expiration date so I can begin doing development work to explore API uses and Plugin creation.

I’m an existing Plus subscriber and early on used the Playground a few times but I haven’t been able to free up time to start coding against the API until now. I’m surprised to see that the API credits initially provided are already expired.

That seems pretty odd. When doing Software development against a 3rd party API, I can’t remember EVER paying for API use while in development. If a credit is needed and provided for dev use then normally that credit exists until enough dev api request are made to use it up, no time limit. For example I’m pretty sure that’s how it worked for twillio dev API use. But most companies have a separate dev platform that eliminates the whole need for a dev credit.

Normally companies work hard to encourage developers to create integrations using their APIs. What am I missing? Is there a separate Dev/Test endpoint I should be using for API dev work instead of the production endpoint? If not, how to I get my dev API credit renewed?


Yep, my credits were expired weeks before I was granted API access! Useless.

do yourself a favor.

link your dev account with a Credit Card
set limit USD10

for dev purpose.
u might end up ~usd2 to 3 a month.

while waiting openai consider your request…
save time and just go explore.

quite meaningless to waste your time here…

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Same here, it is totally useless. (Plus I get some error while writting this comment. Yes it is a complete sentence!)

Not meaningless in my opinion since this is the only place where we can write some feedback. I couldn’t find any other. So maybe someone will notice and make some improvements.