Unknown Plugin appears in chat

When using chatgpt earlier it said using an unknown plugin when i went to take a screenshot this was gone. What is this? im assuming its from open ai’s code snippit tool but just had an error so displayed this?

update - it did it again and i got a screenshot

the prompt was related to merging two code snippets to create add the new features from both

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Have you tried using

  • F12 (browser developer tools)
  • Open plugin devtools

then inspecting the information for a possible clue?

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I found the same issue when sharing chatgpt conversation to my friends. the plugin changed to unknown.

Nice piece of evidence.

Can others confirm if this is a requirement for the problem to be seen?

If so then it seems conversations need to also record which plugins are active for the conversation.

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I had the same issue I was using chat to do some coding and then all of a sudden I saw that using an unknown plug-in and then it started doing some weird stuff


What is interesting about your post is the release date of ChatGPT which is noted as May 12 Version which IIRC was before the release of sharing conversations via the OpenAI means. (ref)