Unexpected Additional Charges for "ChatwithPDF" Plugin - Feedback from a Loyal Member

Hello fellow CHATGPT users,

I hope this post finds everyone well. I wanted to share my recent experience and get some feedback on whether others have encountered the same issue.

I’ve been a proud and satisfied paid member of CHATGPT for some time now. One of the primary reasons I opted for a paid membership was to access the additional features and plugins that come with it, including the “ChatwithPDF” plugin. This plugin has been instrumental in my workflow, and I’ve come to rely on it heavily.

However, to my surprise, when I logged in today, I discovered that the “ChatwithPDF” plugin is no longer available as part of my membership package. Instead, it now requires a separate membership with an additional charge. This change was unexpected and, frankly, quite disappointing.

I understand that businesses need to evolve and sometimes make changes to their pricing structures. However, I believe that existing members should be at least notified in advance about such significant changes. This would allow us to make informed decisions and adjustments to our workflows.

I’d love to hear from others on this forum. Have you experienced the same? How do you feel about this change? And to the CHATGPT team, I hope you can provide some clarity on this matter and consider the feedback from your loyal user base.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to a constructive discussion.

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Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

Plugins cannot charge users at this point in time, so that would be a violation of the terms of service, please report the plugin to support@openai.com or use the chat bot on help.openai.com. Please make sure the plugin in question is uniquely identifiable.

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Thanks for this I will send it over to them and let the support team know. Appreciate the advice, have a great day.

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As @Foxabilo noted, the issue is with the plugin developer, @surya1, not OpenAI.

If they’ve gone do far as to make their plugin a completely paid service, that is absolutely against the plugin developer terms of service and needs to be reported.

Edit: I want to add, I was not able to get the plugin to direct me to enter any payment information.

Can you provide any screenshots where you are being prompted for payment?

@elmstedt Here are printscreens. Persistent messages from yesterday and today where GPT is trying to sell me ChatWithPDF or the whole package of plugins that contains it, whatever that means…

I also removed, readded, logged out, in etc etc etc the whole circus, it changed nothing. Like the OP, I don’t mind stuff not being free, but I mind both the publisher and the plugin maker claiming on their websites that this service is free. It looks like phishing, seriously.

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Send it to OpenAI. I can’t do anything about it.

Billed annually, legal advice? Oh jeez.

This plugin places such a bad image for OpenAI. They seriously need to back up their policies and either say that’s it’s allowed, or not, instead of hiding in the grey area.

Because to me, it seems like ChatGPT is endorsing the paid-for package. A paid-for package that is apparently giving legal advice through ChatGPT.

Also, this plugin author was recently accused of scamming in another post here. Their plugin is on page #1

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The message through help.openai.com would start something like…“ChatGPT 3rd party plugin review needed - OpenAI policy violation” and let them decide.

And then the dangers of giving any plugin money - where’s your $99 when one gets booted from the store?

Elmsted I already reported it (and included a link to this thread that’s a month old without OpenAI action). I shared it here because you literally asked for print screens. No action is expected of you.