Unable to upload custom GPTs image

Is anyone else unable to upload a custom image to their GPTs? Seems that it will generate a Dalle image just fine, but then won’t allow me upload an image. Tried multiple browsers, turned off browser plugins etc. Dialogue box shows up for upload, but then either left blank, or generated images is shown…


I have the same issue. Is a fix already out there?


I have this issue also. Can generate image with DALLE but can’t upload.

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Today is 2nd of December. The problem is still there. I’m still not able to upload any custom image for the GPT that I try to build.

Same here! I tried different sizes and formats but had no luck.

I have the Same pb. Can’t upload images…

You can ask the configurator’s chat to upload and set it for you. It will work, your image will end up in the Knowledge files and you will have the custom icon for a couple of hours, but then for no reason, it will vanish and just leave an “image not found” icon.