GPT Builder Bug: Custom Profile Picture lost when publishing publically

I uploaded a PNG file to use as the profile picture for my GPT. It updates properly when I am editing and if I save it privately. If I publish publically, however, the custom perofile picture is lost. The uploaded picture is still saved with my GPT definitions because I can go in and ask for it to be set again, but when saved again, it is not updated.

Here is the link and the image that should be displaying

Ansel - A photography analysis and improvement guide.

Same here. Uploaded a jpeg and its not showing.

I have the same issue. It seems to happen when the GPT is set to public with a profile pic that is not automatically generated by the GPT.

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Same issue. Only Dalle3 image works. Once you change generated image to a custom image, you will lose your profile forever. Be careful!

You don’t lose it forever - you can have the GPT generate a new one and change it back instead of using the custom one. But it certyainly support custom images as well.

Is the custom image upload issue fixed? In order to generate a good profile, I used up all 40 conversions in 3 hour. :laughing:

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Same problem here. If I use DALL-E to create the image it sticks. Uploaded images will stay for a while; but after a bit of time they vanish, leaving the “broken” image as the profile image.

upload your image to gpt builder, ask them to take your image and change 1 pixel on it, then ask them to set it as the new profile picture.

I have the same problem! I reported this issue over two weeks ago, but it’s still happening.