GPT Builder Bug: Custom Profile Picture lost when publishing publically

I uploaded a PNG file to use as the profile picture for my GPT. It updates properly when I am editing and if I save it privately. If I publish publically, however, the custom perofile picture is lost. The uploaded picture is still saved with my GPT definitions because I can go in and ask for it to be set again, but when saved again, it is not updated.

Here is the link and the image that should be displaying

Ansel - A photography analysis and improvement guide.


Same here. Uploaded a jpeg and its not showing.

I have the same issue. It seems to happen when the GPT is set to public with a profile pic that is not automatically generated by the GPT.

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Same issue. Only Dalle3 image works. Once you change generated image to a custom image, you will lose your profile forever. Be careful!

You don’t lose it forever - you can have the GPT generate a new one and change it back instead of using the custom one. But it certyainly support custom images as well.

Is the custom image upload issue fixed? In order to generate a good profile, I used up all 40 conversions in 3 hour. :laughing:

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Same problem here. If I use DALL-E to create the image it sticks. Uploaded images will stay for a while; but after a bit of time they vanish, leaving the “broken” image as the profile image.

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upload your image to gpt builder, ask them to take your image and change 1 pixel on it, then ask them to set it as the new profile picture.

I have the same problem! I reported this issue over two weeks ago, but it’s still happening.

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I have had the same issue. I prompt the gpt builder to assign the uploaded image, which it does. Then in an hour the image is no linger assigned. I repeated this several times over a couple weeks, and turned in a bug report. The reply was:

"Sorry for the trouble! Without more information, it’s hard to tell for sure, but this could either be a temporary glitch on our end or an issue with how your computer is connecting to our services.

As a first step, it’s important to try using an incognito browser window, a different browser or computer, or a different network. It’s possible that a browser extension is causing issues, especially if you installed an extension to add functionality to ChatGPT"

I had already posted all the information the ChatGPT wrote regarding the behavior, the steps to repeat it… Seems to me they are swamped, or…?

The GPT answered:
what has happened to the uploaded profile image?

It seems that a profile image, identified as “Librarian_Robin_700x700.png,” has been uploaded to our system. However, this specific file type, a PNG image, is not accessible through the myfiles_browser tool that I use for document analysis and content extraction.

I uploaded the image as a jpg and the bug persists. I tried the issue incognito mode… same image assignment lost in time.

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I believe we found a solution. At first I tried reporting the bug after failing with FF even using cognito mode, and with the config wizard assisting by replicating the midjourney image with DALLE (ugg).

My wife logged into my account with Chrome on her laptop and used the upload image available by hovering on the profile image. She selected a .jpg that was 700px square, the same one GPT had reassigned numerous times.

So far, the procedure has endured for a couple hours, on a couple of gpts.

I hope that helps someone.

BTW - I am mining a trilogy I wrote, along with the transcripts to 146 video episodes. This has been very informative, especially with confirming our invitation strategy for our course.

Well done to all of you working at this so early in the roll-out!


Thank you for the tip. Does it still work? Because I uploaded a lower size in pixels and then it lasted longer but eventually disappeared.

Yes, after a few days the profile image is still there. yea!

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I used the same method but it again disappeared in a few hours.

I had the audacity to upload a profile pic made in MidJourney and now it won’t let me have any profile pic at all. Anything, even Dall-e generated just disappears after 15 minutes

It’s interesting. I went through these problems only with the ones that I uploaded. Dall-e generated ones worked perfectly.

I have the same challenge. Very frustrating. I really hope OpenAI are able to fix this eventually. Compared to other things they are handling this should be peanuts, and it is a important thing to fix before the store opens.

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Following advice here, I told Dall-E to create its own version of an image I’d been using and do so in the correct dimensions for a GPT profile pic. Didn’t last - as soon as i published to those with a link, image was broken… this is mental…

This advice resolved the problem for me. It must be the 700px and possibly jpeg format that did it. Also, I was able to do upload it successfully in Chrome but not in Safari.

Worked for 2 hours, then the image disappeared again.