Unable to summarize podcasts in a passage format

I am using playground to summarize a podcast. The input is in the form of dialogues and I would like the result to be in the form of a passage/s and not dialogues. I have tried the following prompts but every time the result is in dialogue format -

  1. Summarize the transcript below in the form of a passage
  2. Generate a summary for the transcript below for a 5 year-old
  3. Provide a summary for the text below in 5-10 lines

Settings as follows:

Here is an example


Any idea on how this can be done?

Yes, here it is. Summarizes in a dialogue format

Try to use the instruct models, since plain davinci tends to follow patterns, if you want davinci to produce results you will need to provide examples with summary so it can follow that pattern and produce a summary.

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This worked. Thank you!