Injecting personality into summary


I’m experimenting with ways to live a little more personality to a summary and am running into trouble. The way I’ve done this traditionally is with generating text based on examples. Make the examples filled a certain style or personality and then gpt-3 will do a pretty good job mimicking that style for the completions.

However, when I’m trying to do the same with a summary I’m finding gpt-3 tends to ignore instrucutions on how to set the tone of the completion and lands on a pretty generic standard and predictable summary. This might and probably is WAD but wondering if there are techniques I might use to improve my results.


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I am not sure what do you mean by personality; could you please give me an example.


1. Identify the personality in the given text.

2. Apply [personality] as a personality to the given text.

Hey thanks for responding…

Yeah, I guess by personality I mean it could be a character, maybe that character likes to make puns or compares things in the summary to meat products or other quirky weird topics that make the summary text more creative than a simple, plain (and frankly, boring) piece of writing.

In the summary examples there’s the idea of “summarize FOR a 2nd grader.” What I’m looking to do is more like “summarize like you WERE a 2nd grader” or “summarize like you were a huge comic book nerd.”

I fully recognize that this is trivial and stupid but I’m interested in creative ways to use these tools.

I also have been toying with this

Something I have tried is simply saying:

Write in the first person point of view
Use a tone that is sarcastic

Or the person speaking is a true believer in their god: moridin, speaks in a jovial and friendly manner, likes to make jokes about farts

When it comes to more academic prompts, like: write a multi-paragraph essay on the connection between global finance and oil companies. Use an informal tone.

That doesn’t seem to work. I havent tried putting in a sample sentence for GPT to have to immitate. I think that may be the trick.

The summary text goes here

Below is the same passage rephrased by [personality name], as [personality traits], [describing It's style, tone and personality].

If that didn’t work try davinci Temperature 0.74

Instruct models:

Translate the given text into an engaging style, [more details...]

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