Verbatim prompt completion in instruct series

It often happens that the completion is a word-for-word copy of the prompt given to davinci-instruct-beta. The following is an example from the ‘Notes to summary’ configuration from the examples.

Test 1:

Test 2:

In the attachments are two sets of iterations over the same input - for the first one it simply repeats the prompt content and for the second one it works as expected.

I am trying to figure out how to prevent the completion from the first case and make it more deterministic.

Any suggestions for a solution or information about the cause of this problem would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, cheers!

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Use more descriptive language. I do a lot of work with summarization and so you have to tell it to summarize and how you want it to summarize. Try something like:

Summarize the following meeting into meeting minutes or executive summary.

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