Unable to see Threads from the playground anymore - has this been removed?

Yesterday I was able to access Threads but seems I’m unable to see them anymore. Has something been changed overnight?


Yep same here, can’t see the historical chats I’ve had - bit annoying now as I’ve actually lost some work I had put together.


I’m also having this issue. Just so happened to be testing the threads part of the API when I refreshed the threads page and it was gone. Looks like this is the original link. OpenAI Platform
Issue started for me yesterday afternoon.

Do you think they released it by accident? since it’s for testing, i thought it was super useful. In production their could be some privacy concerns. Maybe that’s why they took it out

It was likely perceived as too useful, anybody currently paying for ChatGPT Plus could have easily stopped and just started using the playground.

Seems like if that was the case they could just offer it to Plus members. I think they even talked about viewing threads from the Web page on the Dev Day release video.

I happened to have one of my thread links cached in my browser and it indeed shows page not found… I agree it was a super useful feature, that they may have silently removed :frowning:

I think the functionality wasn’t fully ready because there was no way of configuring it. Within an organization, anyone could see anyone else’s Threads without being able to prevent this and without explicitly notifying users. Some might have complained about privacy issues.

I guess it will be back in a couple of days/weeks!

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This feature was definitely advertised during the dev day keynote so it’s kinda…sad…to have it disappear without further notice.

I also expect this feature to return as it is a vital part of the assistants experience.

So you guys can also retrieve the thread from your environment but cannot see it in the Playground, right?

I just started to play with it and was like puzzled my messages do not show up in the playground anywhere.

Hey folks, after some additional work from our team, the threads page is now back with the ability to disable it or limit access to org owners: https://platform.openai.com/docs/assistants/overview/step-2-create-a-thread

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I still don’t see the Threads page, the documentation you linked doesn’t seem to talk about it either.

Can’t you access the https://platform.openai.com/threads page? Are you getting a 404 page?

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Thanks! I can access it! I just didn’t know the url.