Playground bug: Threads tab disappear

My “threads” tab in the playground disappeared.

And I cannot access it with the URL: OpenAI Platform


+1. Where did OpenAI Platform threads go?

They probably pulled the feature until it’s ready. Could be 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days.

FWIW, it’s still accessible via the api:

Hey folks, after some additional work from our team, the threads page is now back with the ability to disable it or limit access to org owners:


This just happened to me. The thread displayed the output, then it disappeared! I thought this bug was fixed.

The thread tab is wide open, but only the threadId shows at the top left and the number of tokens followed by 2 icons Clear and Files Attached are on the top right. No other buttons or links I can find to re-display the thread. Any ideas? It began to generate output, but disappeared as soon as it was done. Makes testing very difficult. I’m using Firefox and all plugins disabled. Perhaps this doesn’t work in all browsers?